What is a week on a yacht?
There's more to it than vacation, it is a little life
How a yacht week works
The week-long tour consists of short sailings and daily parties, which we organize by choosing the most memorable places: the best clubs and bars, protected beaches, picturesque bays, but the main "chip" of the Sails Up! regatta are daytime parties on tied boats, when there is nothing but the sky overhead, the sea around and music. In terms of energy and experience it is not inferior to any famous club. After this it is impossible not to fall in love with yachting. Check out a sample itinerary at one of our favorite yachting spots
Sailing all day
You are free to choose your vessel
Morning yoga on pier
A healthy breakfast cooked with your team and good vibes
New friends
Sometimes even families
Sunset dinners
What could be cooler than dinner with friends?
A dinner with a hundred new friends!
Breakfasts onboard
A healthy breakfast cooked with your team and good vibes
Overnights in wild coves
Spending a night under starry sky with noise of the waves is an inadmissible luxury in the modern world
Boat parties
This is very special: 100 people vibeing on the same wave on a huge catamaran. We bet this will be the best party in your life!
Public Works
There's always stuff to do on the boat: learning how to set sails, sunbathing on the deck, prepping lunch for the crew — all in the fresh air
Beach parties
Imagine a private party in a beach club where you arrive not in a stuffy cab but barefoot in a dinghy
Our mission
Our mission is to help people of the big city to change their habitual environment, to open the door to the unknown, to turn the horizon of perception - to learn life from the sea, its lightness and freedom. We strive to help you find a new sense of the world, calmness and clarity of mind.

Our purpose is to dispel the myth that yachting is difficult and inaccessible and to create a culture of leisure boating in Russia. We want to show that leisure time under the sail is interesting, beautiful and affordable.

For us yachting is a way of life "from the water", an opportunity to wake up every day in a new place and start your day with a dip in the deep blue water and finish it in the best restaurants and beach clubs, many of which can only be reached from the sea. It's a real vacation that gives you a chance to feel the complete freedom and serenity that we city dwellers long for.
  • Luxe catamarans 50+ ft
  • Accommodates 8 - 10 ppl
  • Private WC in cabin
  • Huge kitchen, cockpit and deck
  • Chef and hostess
  • from $8 000/week
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  • Premium catamarans 45 ft
  • Accommodates 8 ppl
  • Private WC in cabin
  • Spacious layouts
  • Wi-fi
  • from $4 000/week
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  • Comfy catamarans 38-42 ft
  • Accommodates 6 - 8 ppl
  • Usually 2 WC
  • Wi-fi
  • -
  • from $3 000/week
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Fresh impressions
Yachting is all about emotion, see what people say about their first yachting experience

Капитаны имеют сертификаты не ниже YachtMaster, некоторые являются аккредитованными инструкторами International Yacht Training, так что у вас будет возможность не просто позагорать на палубе и сделать красивые селфи, но и по-настоящему прочувствовать и втянуться в яхтинг. Особо отличившиеся получат сертификат матроса.
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